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Oasis water coolers are one of the best known water cooler brands in the world. Not only does Oasis make bottled water coolers, they also make pressure water coolers

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Water coolers – Find any brand, manufacturers, parts, suppliers, repair for industrial or residential use, and information about contamination, bottled info and more.

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About Addico Products Inc, Today, ADDICO is a subsidiary of OASIS Corporation, the worldwide water cooler leader. This has enabled ADDICO to not only continue to

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Product Details. Amazon Sales Rank: #337195 in Home Improvement Brand: Addico; Model: ADDI-429CH; Dimensions: 55.00" h x 11.50" w x 12.50" l, 35.00 pounds

Addico Milano Special Edition Cool Cold Water Cooler, White
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Manufacturers pressure and bottled water coolers and dehumidifiers. Full line of ADA compliant products.

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Delivers hot and cold water from two spigots (child-safe hot-water spigot) Perfect for home or office; drip tray wide enough to hold glass or cup

LES PRODUITS ADDICO, INC. (Quebec, Montréal)

Les Produits Addico INC is a wholesaler of commercial water coolers throughout Canada and United States.

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A water cooler comprising a support base having a top wall with a top opening therein. A refrigerating coil is located inside the base and supported a predetermined

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Frosty Springs Bottling Co. ( Water Coolers )

Isn't it about time your home or office had a Milano Water Cooler ?

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Water cooler stand should be chosen well for getting the best place to set up your water cooler. If you are going to home appliances stores, you will find many types

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International Society For the Study of Harmful Algae The 13th International Conference on Harmful Algae, Nov. 3-7 2008 Hong Kong Poster

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Oasis produces a range of water coolers for use in the home and office. Features of Oasis water coolers include drip trays, large refrigeration units, extra capacity